Leuk dat je mijn Website gevonden hebt!

Welcome to my website!

Why do I have this website?                                           


When I heard of people, who want to give a child a fair chance in life and a lot of love but this heart’s desire could not be fulfilled, it made me sad. One day I hope to raise children myself with a woman, who I can love for a lifetime. Maybe that will happen, maybe not. I do not know either what my future has in store for me…

It really touched me when I heard how many people have everything to provide a child with a good life but a sperm cell… They have done everything, so a child can be happy with them. Some have a large home, others a small one but always there is room for a child, sometimes even several children.

For a long time I thought, that countless men would want to help with something this beautiful. And I was touched deeply again when I learned, that quite a few men would help but never want to hear from the children again! And this does not have to be per se, if the mother(s), father(s) or child(ren) do not want it but it should be possible if they do. I think it is an inalienable right!So that is why I became a donor. If people can convince me, that I would feel well with them if I were their child, I am happy to help them with the sperm cell they need. From the outset I had the honour of helping a lot of people, to become parents. Because they are always very happy with their children, it sometimes takes a long while before we get back into contact. Maybe a child will start looking for itself. So I wanted a website, so those who look for me after many years (especially children looking for their roots), have a fair chance to do so!     

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